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Why Your Office Should Have More Desks Than Employees

When you're setting up a new office, a big part of the job is to buy the office furniture that your staff will need. Your initial approach may be to assess the size of your workforce and then buy your desks accordingly, but it's often a good idea to make sure that you have more desks than you have people who work for you. The number of additional desks can vary from company to company, but you won't regret having one or more extra desks set up in your place of work. Here are some reasons that this is a good approach.

It Allows For Growth

Every company should be open to the possibility of growing, and you don't want to be resistant to this idea simply because you don't have space for an extra employee to work. Having one or more additional desks can encourage you to move your company forward by expanding the size of its workforce when necessary. Should you need someone else to work in sales, IT, or another department, you'll already have a desk ready for this new employee on his or her first day at the office.

It Compensates For Desk Issues

Sometimes, an employee may encounter an issue with his or her desk that can make using it a hassle. For example, if the desk wasn't put together properly and ends up with an issue, you may need to order a replacement part or perhaps even buy a new desk. Instead of having this employee put up with this issue in the meantime, you can simply move him or her to one of your spare desks. Working in a new location on a temporary basis might not be ideal for the person in question, but it still offers a proper workspace.

It Provides A Quiet Work Area

Having empty desks in different locations around your office can give employees the ability to switch desks for short periods of time when there's a need. For example, if someone is having trouble concentrating on an important project because the employee sitting nearby is talking on the phone a lot, the former employee might pack up his or her laptop and go to an empty desk for the day. This can especially be true if the empty desk is set up in a quiet area of the office and can provide a proper space for concentrating on the task at hand.