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Three Framing Ideas For A Panoramic Image

Many of today's smartphones give users the ability to take panoramic photographs, which can be an exciting way to capture the scene during any type of vacation. Whether you're canoeing on a quiet lake, attending a raucous sporting event, or relaxing on a beach by the ocean, using the panoramic function on your phone and panning from left to right will leave you with an image that you'll cherish. If you love the photo enough that you want to get it framed, custom framing is likely the way to go. Here are three framing ideas to consider for a panoramic image.

Custom Frame

While you can sometimes buy picture frames that are long enough to accommodate a panoramic image, this can often be a challenge. The measurements of your panorama depend on how you take the photo, so there's a good chance that the photo won't be of a conventional size that will fit in a standard frame. Instead of having to crop the image to make it fit, take it to a custom framing professional. He or she will be able to build a custom frame and produce a custom mat that will perfectly suit your one-of-a-kind photo.

Multiple Frames

Another option that can highlight your panoramic image is to have your custom framer break up your photo over several frames. For example, dividing the image into three, four, or even five separate frames — or canvases, depending on the look that you prefer — gives you a unique look. You can choose minimalist frames so that the photo, rather than the frames, is the main attraction. You can then hang each of these frames or canvases in a row on your wall, leaving an equal amount of space between each of them. Regardless of the subject matter of your panoramic image, this is a visually engaging way to display the photograph.

Wooden Canvas

Many custom framing companies have the ability to print your photo on a piece of wood that is cut to a specific size. This idea gives you a unique finished product that can be a nice way to display the image. You'll have your choice of the type of wood, as well as how transparent you want the image to be. For example, your framer can print the photo on the wood in a manner that allows some of the wood grain to show through. This can add a new visual dimension to your photograph.

Contact a local framing company to learn more about your options for custom picture frames for panoramic images.