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How To Care For Your Water Pump

Many businesses rely on a water pump in order for their daily operations to flow smoothly. However, you can't just set up a pump and then expect it to work perfectly without any care or attention on your part. If you want your pump to last, you need to be careful with it and take steps to properly maintain it.

Be Careful About Chemicals

Many workplaces use harsh chemicals. And, while you may not be able to escape this fact in your own workplace, you should take extra care to keep these chemicals far away from your water and your pump. The chemicals found in things like paint and oil can potentially contaminate your water and damage the sensitive parts of your pump if you allow them to get too close.

Thus, eliminate chemicals where you can. And, when they must be used, be careful they are not stored or sprayed anywhere near your pump. If you think your pump may have been contaminated or come into direct contact with a potentially hazardous material, it's best to stop operating it and to have a professional service inspect the pump, just to be safe.

Check The Speed And Output

In addition to taking care with chemicals, regularly check the speed at which your water pump is operating. You want to make sure that it's the desired speed and that it's consistent with the one you've set. You also want to make sure that it matches the output of your pump. If there are changes in speed or output and you don't know why or if your speed suddenly drops without warning, it's time for some professional assistance.

Tune The Bearings

About once a year, it's important to have your pump's bearings professionally checked. If these wear out or are not properly tuned, they can slowly but surely damage your pump, causing you to have to replace it prematurely. Typically, there won't be any major warning signs that your bearings are not working properly or need to be tuned, which is why you need to be set up on a regular maintenance schedule with a professional pump service you can trust.

If you care for your pump, chances are it will give you many years of great service. Ignore and neglect it, however, and it's likely to wear out sooner rather than later. If it's been a while since you've serviced your pump, it's not too late to start! And, the sooner you do, the better your pump will fare.

To learn more, contact your local water pump service