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Are You Looking Into Purchasing Mezzanine Lifts? Four Important Factors To Consider

A mezzanine lift is like an elevator for the items in your warehouse or commercial building when an elevator is not available within your building. You place a pallet of materials on your lift from the ground or deck level, push a couple of buttons, and the lift raises up, instantly lifting those heavy items to another floor in your building where they can be stored or put out for sale. If you are looking to purchase a mezzanine lift, there are a few key factors that you need to consider. Here are a few of those factors. 

How Many Stories the Lift Extends To

One of the factors to consider as you look to purchase a mezzanine lift is how many stories the lift is designed to extend to. Most lifts only are designed to extend one or two stories. This is because most buildings higher than this have an elevator that you can use to transport your heavy items. However, if you frequently store materials or sell materials on a higher floor in your building that does not have an elevator, the lift may need to extend upward much higher. 

If the Lift Is Pre-Assembled

Another important factor to consider is whether the lift is pre-assembled or not. If the lift is not pre-assembled, you or a contractor need to put the lift together. This can be time-consuming or costly if you are paying someone else to do this task for you. 

How the Lift Is Powered

A mezzanine lift can be powered by either gas or electricity. Carefully weigh the pros and cons of both power sources and find a lift that utilizes the power source that is most beneficial for your building needs. 

The Weight the Lift Is Able to Support

Finally, you need to carefully consider the amount of weight that the lift is able to support. If you have too much weight on the lift, the lift can break or topple over when you try to lift it. Think about the heaviest items you need lifted and find a lift that supports that amount of weight. 

Despite your best efforts, you may not always be able to find a stock mezzanine lift that meets your needs. In these cases, you may want to work with a customized mezzanine lift sales company. They can work to design and build a custom lift that can support the weight you need while lifting as many stories as you need the lift to extend to. Reach out to a customized mezzanine lift  sales company today to get started designing your custom lift.