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Tips To Help Earn A Football Scholorship

Getting recruited for a football scholarship requires a lot of time and dedication from the student athlete. If the athlete works really hard throughout high school, it is possible that a recruiter will choose the player to play for his or her college team. The following are some things to remember when trying to earn football scholarships:

Think About Recruiting Early

College recruiters do not start looking at student athletes during senior year of high school. Recruiters begin noticing the potential of football players early on, even during junior varsity football. The recruiters cannot contact the athletes during this time, but they are watching to see how the athlete's potential unfolds. For this reason, the player needs to be prepared all throughout school in order to gain the attention of college recruiters.

Maintain a Good Grade Point Average

Although most football scholarships do not hinge on grades, schools will require that all student athletes maintain a decent grade point average to remain on the team. The athlete should be able to meet those requirements during high school as well. If a football player is amazing on the field but cannot keep up with good grades, the chances of getting a football scholarship become slim.

Get in Shape

While playing football can contribute to overall good health, college football players are required to be in specific shape to remain on the team. If the high school athlete expects to make a college team, especially on scholarship, he or she needs to stay in really good shape. This includes extra time in the weight room and time spent increasing speed. If the athlete is serious about getting a scholarship, it is beneficial to work on all areas outside of the typical football practice time. This may mean nights and weekends will be spent training. Getting a football scholarship takes dedication. This added training will help the student develop the discipline he or she will need to acclimate to transitioning to a college football program.

Create a Highlight Reel

One of the most important parts of getting a football scholarship is the highlight reel. A highlight reel is a video diary of sorts. The video should include the athlete's best plays. This is a wonderful way to show college football recruiters how good the student is. These are also helpful because recruiters will not be at every high school football game to see the athlete play in person.