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If You're Renting A Crib, Be Sure To Rent These Related Accessories, Too

Renting a crib for your infant can be convenient in a number of different scenarios. If you're traveling, for example, it can be easier to rent a folding crib to take with you than to use the crib from your own home. There are many crib rental services that you can evaluate, and it's important to assess which ones can offer a variety of accessories beyond the crib itself. To make things easier for you, it's ideal if you can rent some useful accessories from the crib rental service, rather than just renting the crib itself. Here are some things that you'll want to add to your order.

Crib Bumper

Many crib rental services have bumpers available for customers to rent, and this is something that you'll want to strongly consider. A crib bumper is a padded cushion that you place around the perimeter of the crib's mattress. It sits against the walls of the crib and can prevent your child from bumping himself or herself into the rungs while sleeping or awake and perhaps sustaining a minor bruise. Your crib rental service will be able to recommend a bumper that will perfectly fit the size of crib that you're renting, making for a quick and easy installation.

Waterproof Pad

You'll also want to think about renting a waterproof pad that will fit the crib that you're renting. A waterproof crib pad is important for protecting the mattress in the event that your infant urinates while in the crib. Waterproof pads are quick and easy to clean, but you may want to think about renting two of them when you rent the crib. This way, should your child have an accident, you can remove the wet pad and replace it with a fresh one while you wash and dry the soiled pad.


There's little point in renting the crib and some useful accessories, but then traveling with your own bedding for the crib. You would have to separate these items when you pack up the crib and the accessories to return them at the end of the rental period. It's far simpler to arrange for the rental of a couple of sets of bedding that you can use in the crib. Your crib rental service will have bedding that is a perfect fit for the mattress, which means that you'll be able to make up the crib quickly and easily when you reach your destination.