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Travel Accessories For Keeping Your Suitcase Tidy

Are you one of those people who uses plastic bags to hold your toothbrush, toothpaste, aftershave, shaving cream or gel, etc., separately in your suitcase? It may keep everything from getting covered in liquids, pastes, gels, foams, and water, but then all of these items end up floating around inside your suitcase when you travel. You need some better options for keeping things tidy. The following options are items that other people frequently employ to travel neatly.

Upcycled Men's Dopp Kit

Dopp kits have been around for over a hundred years. These portable bags are akin to ladies' makeup cases, affording men the same conveniences of carrying their personal grooming items all in one place and preventing the mess that might occur if something breaks open. Many of the newer dopp kits available have either been recycled from older models, or they are redesigned with modern features in mind. As a guy who travels a lot, you might want one of these in your suitcase instead of all those weird, loose plastic baggies with personal grooming items inside. 

Women's Makeup Kit

Once upon a time, large kits for the transport of makeup were used by ladies travelling. They contained a mirror in the lid of the case so that ladies could apply makeup no matter where they were, and side pockets for storing jewelry, hair clips, and favorite makeup items. They often doubled as overnight cases for women who were only going somewhere overnight and would only need pajamas and a change of clothes the next day. Until recently, these pieces of luggage fell out of fashion, but they are making a comeback. Ladies, if you are interested in such luggage pieces, they count as a carry-on on planes, and sometimes they work as your one personal item allowed, too. 

Waterproof Clothing Bags

Nobody likes showing up to a hotel to unpack and change into a business suit only to find that the suit is covered in some liquid from something in your suitcase. Along with the above options, consider a waterproof hanging clothing bag. These bags hang the clothing items with the hangers peeking out of the top, while simultaneously keeping everything clean and dry. Your best power suit could not hope for a better packing solution because you can get the suit in and out of the bag with just a single zipper around the edge of the entire bag. 

For more information on upcycled men's Dopp kits, women's makeup kits, and waterproof clothing bags, visit your local travel store.