Automation And Your Business

Two Reasons To Install A Building Automation System In Your Commercial Facility

If you own a commercial facility, it is imperative that you jump on the building automation system (BAS) bandwagon. Technology has advanced to such an extent that you're now able to install a BAS that can make running your facility so much easier. A good BAS incorporates nearly every system you possess into a single unit that runs in a seamless fashion. Your electrical, HVAC, mechanical, fire, safety, and so many more internal systems can all be controlled with a BAS. However, you might be asking yourself: Is it worth the investment? Take a look at the benefits, and it should be easy to see why getting a BAS is an excellent move.

Lower Energy Expenses Make It All Worth The Cost

Trying to heat and cool a large building is often a very expensive endeavor. If you have different rooms, floors, and wings that all need to be climate-controlled, your monthly HVAC bill could possibly cost as much as your rent or mortgage! It's hard to stack up revenue when your overhead costs are eating up the profits. You need to find some way to get your energy costs down to a predictable, manageable level. Setting up a BAS is a great way to take back the reins.

A BAS uses sensors and timers to monitor the temperature in your facility. You can install a smart automation system that will gather data about the ebbs and flows of each space to determine when the cooling and heating unit is needed based upon occupancy. Once the information is in place, the automation system will selectively pump air into the parts of the building that require it. You might be pleasantly surprised to get your energy invoice and find that your payment has been reduced. 

 Detect Mechanical & Network Problems Before They Fester

Machinery and computer equipment can also be hooked into the building automation system. If the system picks up on a potential problem in either of these systems, you'll receive an instant alert so that you can act. The more quickly you're able to catch an issue, the faster it can be resolved so that nothing will hinder production.

It's amazing how much more efficiently your center could run with a BAS. Find an automation service and ask them to pay your facility a visit to learn more about how you can benefit by getting your BAS as soon as possible. Speak with a professional who provides building automation services.