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Choosing A Coastal Home Floor Plan With The Best Views

Building a coastal home gives you the chance to enjoy the crisp, fresh air and stunning waterfront views. Choosing the right floor plan can help you make the most of your beachfront property. If you are ready to start shopping for floor plans, here are some tips you can use to create opportunities for breathtaking scenic views.

Add A Sleeping Porch

Sleeping porches offer an ideal space for enjoying fresh nighttime air, and they also provide a way to sleep outdoors without feeling exposed. These spaces can be set up as an individual bedroom, or they can be furnished with multiple beds or cots so the whole family can rest under starry skies. Work with your home builder to ensure the right amount of space for your family, and be sure that the porch will face the most beautiful space on your property.

Consider Bedroom Orientation

If you want to wake up to the gentle sound of waves rolling in, you'll want to make sure that the bedrooms in your home face the water. This may mean changing the orientation of your floor plan so the front door faces the water, or it might mean working on a custom floor plan to create those scenic views. Adding a master bedroom to the first floor frees up space on the second floor for more coastal views upstairs. If the home will have a walkout basement, you can also add a suite to this area for easy access to the water.

Build Private Balconies

Create a space for quiet mornings with a cup of coffee by adding private balconies to the bedrooms. French doors leading to the balconies can create a beautiful look inside the home and add to the overall look of each balcony. These outdoor spaces don't need to be large. Your builder can add smaller spaces that can accommodate a bistro-style table and chairs for enjoying the newspaper or a good book in the morning sun. For children's bedrooms, consider higher railings or even screened-in balconies for added safety.

Choose A Wide Floor Plan

A wide floor plan can make it easier to create more water-facing living space. Work with your builder to create a floor plan with a wider first floor, leaving the second floor for just bedroom space. This will allow you to create a kitchen and living room that deliver waterfront views while still giving the bedrooms the stunning scenery you want. Give the first floor a wraparound porch for a finishing touch. The porch on a wider home provides plenty of outdoor space for everyone to use, and it also creates a classic coastal home vibe.

Contact a custom home builder for more information on coastal home floor plans.