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Advantages Of Solar Deep Cycle Batteries Over Generators

Solar panels allow you to maintain power even when there is a power outage. However, to ensure that you have enough power, you may need a battery backup system that will store energy generated from your solar panels so you may then tap into it when you experience a power outage. You could use a generator, but there are several reasons why solar power is superior.

Several Types of Batteries Available

The type of battery you'll need for a solar system is a deep cycle battery. This is a type of battery that is able to survive long and frequent deep discharges. These include:

A deep cycle battery can serve as an alternative to a generator. With generators, you'll need to use fossil fuels, and you'll also need to make sure that you have enough ventilation because the generator will produce fumes. The generator also is noisy and requires that you run an extension cord, which can be very inconvenient. 

Better for the Environment

Generators are also not good for the environment because they produce carbon emissions. If you are using solar power because you are concerned with the environment, you will likely not want to use a generator powered by propane or gasoline.

Less Maintenance Required

A generator also requires much more maintenance than a solar system with a deep cycle battery. You'll need to make sure that you have enough fuel, and you might need to have your fuel tank serviced or replaced at some point. Fuel is also inherently dangerous and can start a fire. 

Easier to Use

There is more that you must do when using a generator. If you use a solar panel with a deep cycle battery, the backup system will turn on automatically. You will not have to run an extension cord to the appliances that you'll need to power. You also won't have to choose which appliances will be powered during the outage, such as the refrigerator. 

Solar Repair Services Available

Battery backup systems used to be expensive. However, over the years, the cost of a battery backup system has declined. While generators are still less expensive, a battery system may be worthwhile in the long run because of how much easier it is to use. Also, when you need to have it serviced, you may contact a solar service.