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Private Investigators And Skip Tracing To Locate People

When you are looking for someone, whether you are trying to find a long-lost family member or tracking down an absent parent for child support, a private investigator is a great investment. Private investigators specialize in finding people and have many tools at their disposal to do so. 

One of the things that private investigators often do when they are trying to locate someone is to turn to skip tracing. Understanding what skip tracing is and what it can do for your situation will help you to see the benefits of retaining a private investigator for the search you've been thinking about.

Communication Searches

One of the avenues that many private investigators start with when skip tracing is the typical communication channels. Your private investigator will ask you about any phone numbers, social media accounts, email addresses, and other communication avenues that you may be aware of, no matter how old they may be.

The investigator will then research those communication avenues and try to identify any forwarding communication channels or any other email accounts, linked phone numbers, or other details that could potentially reach the party in question.

Credit And Employment History

Many private investigators will reference credit and employment history when they are looking for someone. Especially with the new hire databases established to help minimize child support delinquency, there are many tools that private investigators can use to see where someone has worked in the past, is currently working, or has applied for a job.

Many companies conduct credit checks when you apply for a job, so the private investigator can even see if there have been any credit or background checks run by potential employers. This information may help him or her narrow down a location to start searching in based on where those prospective employers are located.

Utility Bill Data

Even for those who keep their communication information private and work privately to avoid tax reporting and child support garnishments, utility bill data is often the way that they are located. After all, even if you're keeping everything else private, your name has to be on your utility service accounts. Skip tracing can include checking utility companies for active utility accounts in prospective areas.

Talk with a local private investigation firm today for more information about locating the person that you are trying to find. A private investigator can explain to you what you need to know about the process as well as what information you need to provide to help it along.