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Help From Period Cramps

Once a month, many people end up feeling miserable because they are on their period and they have symptoms ranging from bloating to severe cramping. The cramps from menstruation can range from irritating to extremely painful. No matter how severe a person's menstrual cramps are, they will likely be interested in something that can help them to feel better during this time of the month. You can learn more about things that you can do to get relief from menstrual cramps by reading the rest of the content right here: 

 Wear comfortable clothing

Make sure you have very comfortable clothing that you will be able to wear during your period. You want to wear something that isn't going to put any pressure or squeezing on your lower abdomen. A couple of types of pants that a lot of people turn to when they are on their period are looser fitting leggings or sweatpants. There are also legging shorts and sweat shorts you can wear during your period when the weather is too warm for full-length pants. 

Use heat for some relief

You can use heat to get some relief from the cramps. Taking a hot bath can help you to feel better. Another thing that you can do to get relief from the pain is to use a heating pad. You can place it on your lower abdomen and on your lower back to help you to feel better. When you use a heating pad, you want to keep it in place for about twenty minutes and you can do this throughout the day as needed. 

Get a massage

You can have your partner or someone else give you a gentle massage to help with your period cramps. They can lightly rub your lower abdomen and your lower back in order to help bring you some relief. If you don't have anyone that you can go to for a massage, then you can go to a masseuse who will help you to feel better. 

Use a CBD suppository

You can use a relief vaginal CBD suppository when you have cramps during your period and it may help to give you relief from the cramps. The CBD suppository can help by offering benefits like muscle relaxation and relief from inflammation. These things can help to take your cramps away. Another thing about the suppositories is that they can offer you extended relief from the cramps.