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How Can You Use Telematics Modules for Better Fleet Management?

How easily can you tell where your trucks have been and where they are headed? Many commercial vehicles come with GPS tracking, but telematics enables you to have a bird's-eye view by enriching this tracking data with analytics. The telematics module works with proprietary software to give information that makes it easy to use with web and mobile applications. Telematics has become important as a fleet management and safety tool. How do telematics impact fleet management?

Improve Efficiency and Lower Fuel Costs 

Understanding fuel consumption helps you optimize fuel, which is one of the highest expenditures in fleet management. Telematics offers useful information on the routes that take up the most fuel and the time spent on those routes.

This information enables better planning on the routes to use. For example, you may identify the routes where peak commute traffic makes your trucks slower. You can also direct your drivers to avoid certain roads in real-time. Your fleet becomes more efficient and consumes less fuel.

More Accurate Planning 

One challenge for fleet managers is making clients understand when there are challenges on the road. Telematics show the accurate location of your trucks, where they are headed, and the estimated time to get there. 

There is better coordination with drivers on the road. Better time estimates lead to higher customer satisfaction. If you manage a fleet carrying perishable or time-sensitive cargo, telematics will help you avoid losses with better planning.

Encourage Better Driver Behavior 

Drivers can make or break your brand. Good driving habits keep accidents low and reduce your brand's exposure to legal penalties. The telematics module collects various data, such as acceleration, speed, braking patterns, and cornering.

With this information, it is possible to identify driver's weaknesses and develop additional training to improve driver skills and behavior. These expert and well-behaved drivers become brand ambassadors. 

Ensure Fleet and Driver Safety

Loss of cargo and trucks are big concerns in fleet management. While insurance covers loss, it leads to loss of confidence in your brand. There is a higher concern about driver safety when carrying precious cargo.

The telematics module includes GPS tracking, which informs you of the location of a truck. This data is in real-time and visible on a map. You can quickly locate a truck and prevent crime and theft. Sometimes, the trackers help save drivers' lives in danger. Securing your fleet also translates into lower insurance premiums. 

Are you looking to lower costs and improve efficiency in fleet management? Consider deploying telematics modules