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Sealcoating Your Home's Asphalt Driveway

Your home's asphalt driveway may be a part of the property that will require little work to keep in good condition. However, sealcoating is a type of protection that you will want to utilize to keep the asphalt in good condition.

Assumption: Sealcoating Will Be A Suitable Repair For Cracks And Other Structural Damages

As the asphalt in your driveway ages, it will tend to develop some cracks that will need to be repaired in order to keep it in good structural condition. Unfortunately, there is an assumption that just sealcoating will be a sufficient repair when this problem starts to develop. In reality, the sealcoating process is not designed to fill and reinforce asphalt cracks. Rather, you will want to use an asphalt patching option to correct these issues. As part of this process, a small amount of asphalt will be applied to the crack to fill it and bond with the surrounding asphalt. Due to this, the asphalt cracks should be repaired before the sealcoating process is completed.

Assumption: Sealcoating Only Provides Protection From Water Damage

Water damage is one of the more common issues that could negatively impact your property's driveway. Not surprisingly, sealcoating products will provide effective protection against water damage occurring to the asphalt. However, there are other types of damage that the sealcoat will also be able to effectively mitigate. An example of this could be the color fading due to the wear that ultraviolet light can cause to it. Additionally, a sealcoat service can protect the asphalt from abrasive chemicals, such as deicing products and even leaking vehicle fluids. These benefits will greatly extend the life of the asphalt as these issues can cause severe deterioration over the years.

Assumption: Sealcoating The Driveway Will Be A Very Disruptive Process

The protective sealcoat that you apply to your vehicle will need to be periodically refreshed in order to keep it effective. Unfortunately, there are individuals that might avoid having this routine work done due to the assumption it will be disruptive. Generally, the only issue that a homeowner will experience can be the need to avoid parking or driving on the asphalt until the new sealcoat has dried. Luckily, modern sealcoat products can dry and cure fairly quickly so that you may be able to resume using the driveway as normal the day after the sealcoat is applied. Conversely, you would have to wait far longer to use the driveway after refinishing or repaving it, which could be more disruptive than what can be expected from the sealcoating process.

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