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Keys To Investing In Gap Filler Solutions For Fire Doors

Fire door gap fillers are pivotal solutions because they help buildings remain compliant and also keep smoke from spreading to other areas during a fire. If you're planning to invest in some, these precautions can ensure you're happy with how these filler solutions ultimately work out.

See How Large the Gaps Are First

You'll have an easy time finding the right set of gap fillers sized correctly if you first look to see how big the gaps are on your fire doors. All you have to do is get a measuring tape and assess the gap length. Then you'll know how far down the gap filler solutions need to go to create an effective seal without compromising a fire door's performance.

You'll need to do this with every fire door you're looking to seal up because their gaps may vary, but if you measure accurately, you can ensure each fire gap filler solution is sized just right for a successful installation. 

Go With a Powder Coat For Extra Protection 

After you get gap fillers set up on fire doors in your building, you can trust they'll hold up just fine if you have a powder coat put on them. That should make them completely weatherproof so it won't matter what type of environment these filler products are going around. They're going to last.

These powder coats can be applied by the manufacturer after the fillers are made to your specifications. This design also is nice because it saves you from having to check on the gap filler products as often after they're installed.

Keep Fire Inspections in Mind

Your building is eventually going to be inspected for fire safety, and because of this fact, you actually want to account for these inspections when looking for gap filler products. 

Then you can ensure you get filler products with the right properties that have no trouble passing these inspections whenever they're performed in the year. You just need to know what these fire inspections check for in particular. Maybe it's a certain fire safety rating or specific materials that these filler products need to be constructed from. 

You can make your fire doors even better at stopping the spread of smoke during fires if you put gap fillers on them. All this investment takes is looking at the right attributes, such as filler materials, sizing, and designs. Then it shouldn't be hard to find a compatible set that's easy to set up on any fire door in your building. 

For more information about fire door gap fillers, contact a local supplier.